On the 050505 This year, we are having a general election I want to run as Monster Raving Loony Party The only way I can raise the funds is by gathering signatures in all 74 Constituencies for "Rainbow George" Rainbow George has placed a bounty of £100 on every constituency. Anyone in London can do this. It is my role so far to support the ground troups. Farel Bradbury is mission commander.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

First Days on The Trail.

This is my political blog.

Dunno much about this blogging stuff, and I know even less about politics, but I figure I ought to start one. Hopefully because Ive realised that Im in a situation that could form some people entertainment.

My name is Johnny Valentine. I am an agent for The Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket Party. We have been set a challenge to acquire nomination papers in all 74 london boroughs in just over a week.
Rainbow George has put a "Rainbow Bounty" on all the constituencies, effectively employing someone in each constituency to collect 10 signatures. Each person who does this gets £100. It should be noted that he is not buying signatures. This is the wage for the administration and gathering of the forms. The signatures are all given by members of the public who are on the electoral register in the constituency who give Georges permission to run. They do not have to agree with his politics or be assosciated with the party.

Its sorta fun, so Im keeping a diary. I don't spell too good, and my grammer sucks. So be warned


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